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From cloud readiness assessment to cost optimization

Cloud Architect Services

What makes a difference between infrastructure and a well-architected infrastructure in cloud? The answer is simple – security, reliability, performance optimization, cost effectiveness.

DevOps best practices, well-structured and loose coupled services, properly designed CI/CD pipelines and well-isolated environments convert technical stack into achieved business goals – zero downtime, agile development, secure environment.

Do you want to get started? Good chance to rely on architecture design services and build a solid basis of your IT infrastructure.

Key benefits of Cloud Services

Cost Control

Cloud computing allows to cut exorbitant costs and pay only for the resourced you utilize. After having cloud computing adopted, companies save thousands of dollars after refuse from the physical servers because there is no need anymore to train personnel to maintain the HW – public cloud provider does it instead.

Measurable impact

You can see how cloud computing impacts on your business. Define different metrics like basic performance KPIs (e.g. execution time, speed, elasticity), cloud capability rates (e.g. latency, storage capacity, recoverability), cloud productivity rates (e.g. QoS of cloud, SLA/Security, productivity), precise budget & spends, CAPEX vs OPEX costs, etc.


Scale up when you need more resources and scale down when there is no demand to save on the operational expenses. You can resize your server capacity without any change in the code and add software / hardware entities, making them work like a single logical group.

Mobility Focused Services

You have an immediate access to data and resourced via Internet or even applications on smartphones (e.g. AWS console or GCP console). This benefit is especially critical for distributed teams or freelancers working on your project. So work from any place across the globe, as long as you have a good internet connection!

Technology Alignment

Already widely-known and super-hyped technologies like microservices-based architectures, serverless, Kubernetes, GitOps are used commonly in the cloud environment. Sooner or later each organization will be forced to refactor the system and build cloud-native applications to keep the lights on.

Centralized Management

Public cloud providers like AWS Cloud, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure are indeed trustworthy for their users, providing 99% uptime. Moreover, it’s much easier to manage the IT infrastructure through convenient and user-friendly interface.

Our Cloud Architect Services

Cloud architecture design

•  Application architecture
•  Network design
•  Initial system sizing and storage design
•  Security design
•  Scaling
•  Monitoring and alerting
•  Cloud architecture consulting

Cloud migration services

•   Cloud readiness assessment
•   Cloud migration strategy
•   Build & deploy
•   Support

Managed Cloud & Disaster Recovery

•   Cloud support 24/7/365
•   Disaster recovery as a service
•   Integration Lab Services

Cloud Consulting Services

•   Cloud consulting services
•   AWS Consulting
•   GCP consulting
•   Azure consulting
TOP 4 key reasons to choose Hurd IT as
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Proven expertise

Our cloud architects have a solid experience of designing a modern cloud-native architectures for systems with any workload.


Support 24x7

Since we work across all time-zones, we support our clients 24/7. Our managers are always ready to help you and provide recent updates of the project. Besides, in case of downtime, we will do our best to up the system back ASAP.


Hurd IT – DevOps agency that has more than 25 years of IT experience and high satisfaction rate among clients.

A trusted advisor

We build our relationships with our clients for a long-term growth strategy together.

Our Cloud Architecture Design Experience

Fundamental principles of our approach to cloud architecting:

Our cloud architects distinguish 4 principles which a well-architected cloud infrastructure must have.

  1. Elasticity – is the ability to use and pay for the given resources in more optimal way – i.e. no over-provisioning of power, storage space and maintenance. Pay as you go.
  2. Scalability – is the ability of infrastructure to scale itself without changing the architecture design. This principle allows to spin up new servers when demand is rising and scale them in once it goes down.
  3. High-availability – means that your infrastructure has mechanisms to continue working properly even when some parts of the system fail, usually this is achieved by adding more redundancy to the architecture.
  4. Resiliency – ability of system to tolerate partial or complete failures of some services/nodes, usually it can be achieved by such mechanisms as retry on failure, retry on timeout and so on.

Such architecture framework allows your business:

  1. Get automated. Unlike traditional IT legacy systems, cloud technologies allow you to automate most of events and, thus, achieve stability and efficiency.
  2. Focus on your business, optimize for cost. You can control the operational expenses and reduce monthly bills by selecting the right and required configurations and storage solutions. Auto scaling also gives the advantage of resources scale up&down and scale in&out without any extra cost.
  3. Reduce the operational complexity. You can offload the administrative burden from your dev team and focus on improvements. For example, with serverless solutions you can build event-driven services without maintaining any server infrastructure.
  4. Secured data and applications. You will love top-level security, with API activity tracking, at-rest and in-transit encryption, SOC, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA compliances and others.

Our Process

1. Assessment

Our cloud architects reviews your current infrastructure state & app landscape to define the best strategy of the cloud adoption.

2. Design & Redesign

We design a new architecture or suggest changes in your existing structure.

3. Build

Application modernization or development, implementation of the best DevOps practices.

4. Automation

Implementation of the advanced tools to automate most daily tasks and processes.

Our professional cloud architects will assist you in building the most efficient architecture for your IT operations. 

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