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Digital transformation, dynamic business requirements, global support, and the increasing complexity of hybrid environments (including on-prem legacy, virtual, hyper-converged, private cloud, public cloud, and colocation) are putting tremendous strain on data centers hosting architectures and challenging IT leaders to re-evaluate their data center management strategy. 

As more IT organizations try to “get out of the data center business” to focus on business innovation, CIOs are turning to trusted managed service providers like Hurd IT to bring the expertise and resources to manage and transform their infrastructures with greater resiliency and flexibility.  

With over 25 years of experience in IT Operations, Hurd IT’s Data Center Managed Services provide the ideal combination of people, process, and enabling tools required to succeed in the new era. 

"99% of organizations that are currently outsourcing their data center management are planning to maintain or increase the level of work being outsourced.”

Data Center with ManageCARE

Our Data Center Solutions

Hurd IT provides services ranging from on-call support to fully managed infrastructure solutions augmented with our Cloud Services. Data Center services are beyond they simple equipment service call and include full application support, engineering services, database administration, and even application development services. Our operations center is staffed 24x7x365 to support your needs in the DC and Los Angeles locations.

Services we provide

Hurd I/T has a full range of highly flexible Data Center Services designed to give your business the edge it needs. We work with you to meet your unique challenges and architect the best possible solution for your business.

On-Call Support Services

Our 24x7x365 Enterprise Support Group is available to address a wide array of support issues.

Managed Co-Location Services

Our managed services can alleviate your IT staff to allow them to focus on your business needs.

Managed Equipment Options

Fully managed equipment options to reduce your operating costs.

Fully managed equipment options to reduce your operating costs.

We provide equipment and installation services.

Data backup and Data Storage services

We provide secure online storage and backup options.

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